Our First Market

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Our First Market:

Ok, so I didn't get to write two posts last week like I had hoped to, so I feel like I'm behind! I wanted to talk about how our first market went and share some photos from it!

We've been wanting to do a market for the longest time, but haven't really had the guts/time to do it. We saw information about this market and we decided to do it literally ONE week before! We didn't know what to prepare for because we haven't participated in a market before. We literally worked night and day to make products + plan for it. Friday night, we pulled an all nighter and didn't get home until 4:45AM! We had to be at the market at 6AM! It felt like we had a newborn all over again. We can't remember the last time that we stayed up all night! It was worth it! We enjoyed meeting new people, handing out business cards + just being apart of something local! 

Thank you Rustique Vintage Market for having us! We can't wait to do it again!

Here are some phots that I took from the day!
While we were there, two guys came by and asked if they could take some pictures of our booth- of course we said yes!
Thank you Zach + Palmer with Z&P Films for these photos!
Check them out on Facebook + Instagram @zandpfilms!
This pig paper towel holder was so popular! 
Check it out here on our site!
Also, a HUGE shoutout to my Nana for coming from Georgia to help take care of our babies while we worked + prepared for the market!
We appreciate you for always being there for us when we need you!
You always go with the flow + are always smiling no matter what you're doing. Thank you for helping paint signs too! You did great! :) 
We LOVE you so much!
And last but not least,
THANK YOU to my amazing husband Jesse for putting up with all of my crazy ideas and just going with the flow. You are my biggest fan + and I could never do any of this without you! You keep me motivated and are always there for a nice shoulder rub when I'm stressed. 
You + I make the best team.
I appreciate you for everything that you do + everything that you are!
I LOVE YOU till my last day! 
Thank you for reading!
<3 Ali
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